Elastic Folder DelloPlex

Elastic folder made of duplex paper (250g/m²). Enhanced with eyelets. Ideal for scholar papers storage.

Weight: 0.058 kg

Dimensions: 350 x 240 mm

Grammage: 250g/m²

Thickness: 0.32

Code Table

Color COD Barcode
Yellow 0199.A.0050 789.7832.80479-0
Blue 0199.C.0050 789.7832.80481-3
White 0199.E.0050 789.7832.80489-9
Black 0199.P.0050 789.7832.80483-7
Green 0199.T.0050 789.7832.80485-1
Red 199.U.0050 789.7832.80487-5
Assorted 0199.S.0050 789.7832.83627-2