Contract Folder DelloClean

COD: 0712

Contract Folder made of cardboard (180g/m²). With three small ears to hold the staples. Ideal for proposals, resumes, quotes and other applications. Package with 10 units.

Weight: 0.026 kg

Dimensions: 325 x 235 mm

Grammage: 180g/m²

Thickness: 0,37

Code Table

Color COD Barcode
Blue 0712.C.0050 789.7832.80842-2
Beige 0712.D.0050 789.7832.80847-7
White 0712.E.0050 789.7832.81969-5
Green 0712.T.0050 789.7832.80846-0
Pink 0712.Q.0050 789.7832.80845-3
Assorted 0712.S.0050 789.7832.84943-2