Plasticized Printed Marbled Hanging Folder

COD: 0045

Hanging Folder with brown painted kraft paper (240g/m²). Includes tabs, inserts, plastic fastener and 2 plastic rods.

Dello’s suspended folders differentials:
• Glued flaps;
• 8 positions for clip and 2 positions to file plastic bag. Files two or more documents in the same folder.
• Display and labels with the largest market rigidities facilitating fitting.
• Viewing documents and air circulation system within the pulp through central hole.
• Recycled rods and clamps recycled. Environmentally product.
• Crease bookmark. Support for the analysis of documents within the file.
• Becomes desk support documents on files hanging folders.
• Quality certificated.

Weight: 0.071 kg

Dimensions: 361 x 240 mm

Grammage: 240g/m²

Thickness: 0,38

Code Table

Color COD Barcode
Brown 0045.F.0025.2 789.7832.85080-3
Brown 0045.F.0050.2 789.7832.83831-3