Briefcase DelloFine A3 Size

COD: 2151

Briefcase made of Polypropylene, with exclusive design Dello. A3 size. Tabs with slots for pen and geometric ruler. 30mm side. Ideal for school use.

Weight: 0.048 kg

Dimensions: 505 x 30 x 350 mm

Thickness: 1,1

Code Table

Color COD Barcode
Blue 2151.C.0005 789.7832.83332-5
Crystal 2151.H.0005 789.7832.83334-9
Smoked 2151.I.0005 789.7832.83336-3
Black 2151.P.0005 789.7832.84389-8
Pink 2151.Q.0005 789.7832.84347-8
Purple 2151.R.0005 789.7832.84349-2
Assorted 2151.S.0005 789.7832.83628-9