Expanding Folder A4 Size Line with 31 Dividers

COD: 6077

Laminated polypropylene accordion folder with 31 partitions. Size: A4. With transparent polypropylene viewers and identification tags for the partitions. With elastic closure  which allows flexibility and prevents the content from falling out the folder.

Weight: 0.625 kg

Dimensions: 333 x 55 x 250 mm

Thickness: 0.6

Code Table

Color COD Barcode
Blue 6077.C.0006 789.7832.84606-6
Crystal 6077.H.0006 789.7832.84608-0
Smoked 6077.I.0006 789.7832.84610-3
Assorted 6077.S.0006 789.7832.84897-8