Legal Size Wing and Elastic Folders 3cm Spine Line

COD: 0256

Folder made of polypropylene with tabs to fix the documents inside the folder and elastic for closing.

Weight: 0.084 kg

Dimensions: 335 x 30 x 235 mm

Thickness: 0,45

Code Table

Color COD Barcode
Yellow 0256.A.0050 789.7832.84089-7
Blue 0256.C.0050 789.7832.84093-4
Crystal 0256.H.0050 789.7832.84097-2
Smoked 0256.I.0050 789.7832.84103-0
Purple 0256.R.0050 789.7832.84557-1
Assorted 0256.S.0050 789.7832.85248-7