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Working at home is not only a tendency, but a reality for many people, whether they are small entrepreneurs, autonomous, or even median and large businessmen who prefer to manage their business from the comfort of a home office.
What can be a synonym for comfort for many can become a nightmare to the unsuspecting ones who intend to venture working at home.
Renata Muniz, organization consultant and Dello’s partner, enterprise that disseminates the concept of organization in the market, says that the easiness or difficulties of keeping a home office organized depends on the way the individual himself behaves. “There are people who arrive at home, with mail, magazines, and newspapers, already make a pre-selection, throw what is not interesting away, split bills in specific folders, and let everything in the same place, those people certainly will get used to having a home office”.
Renata also highlights the profile of people who will need to be aware about the work routine at home, suggesting even possible changes of habits. “People who leave everything spread, who love to pile papers up, and when arrive at home ignore the mess, have a profile of those who are always forgetting or losing stuff and are always late. This kind of behavior is not good neither for a professional nor a personal life routine”.
There are some basic habits that everyone can learn, states Renata, such as, for example, always selecting documents, creating a folder or a inbox, get used to storing the things always in the same place and of easy access, and at least once a year discard part of the selection.
In fact there is no formula ready to develop the organization on everyday life, each individual must adequate himself to his profile and his routine. In general, what assists this development are accessories and specific materials for the organization, such as desk organizers, folders, pen holder, magazine racks, organizing boxes, accordion folders, among others.
Before making sure that it is a good idea to establish a home office, it is important to develop personal habits and understand that the benefits in becoming an organized person go beyond individual and welfare benefits, but it also includes the collective welfare, the others’ admiration, and even the facility in conquering objectives.
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